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Artist to Artist

I am a graphic designer, but I am also an overall artist. I make jewelry, visual art, refurbish furniture, make leather goods and design clothing. I LOVE to create beautiful things!!

As an artist, I can relate to your desire to be creative and focus on your craft. As a graphic designer, I can translate your creative personality into your business documents in a way that is polished and professional. I can beautify documents like your:

  • Grant Applications,

  • Presentations, 

  • Curriculum Vitae/Resume,

  • Financial Documents,

  • Lookbooks,

  • Portfolios,

  • Brochures,

  • Business Cards,

  • Websites and much more. 


I specialize in making your business face reflect your creative flair in ways that are professionally cohesive and presentable. Let me make you look good.


Contact me to get started.  

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